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Topic Review

posted on 7-9-2019 at 05:52 PM

I may be in the minority but I really haven't minded "evil bitch queen mother" Maria. Her delivery (no pun intended) has been really strong (although I could've done without the beyond-cliche "ice cream and pickles" craving last night) and the red hair certainly doesn't hurt. You forgot how strong she can be at promos. I have no freakin' clue what the end game is here (especially since she's eventually gonna need to leave to, you know, have the baby) but I'm willing to see where Heyman takes it.


posted on 7-9-2019 at 12:15 PM

Originally posted by GodEatGod
Kind of the definition of a meh Raw. Nothing great, nothing egregious (beyond the cringe of the Mike & Maria stuff, and at least that was brief).

And literally every time Corey was all "but what about their relllllaaaationship????"

There are ways to sell that angle that don't involve it being harped on by the announce team every 5 minutes, and Seth and Becks are both more than good enough to pull it off in an organic feeling way.


posted on 7-9-2019 at 08:05 AM

They are pushing the boundaries... did anyone else notice how Drake Maverick tried to get his wife to bang him inside that crate? Ribaldry!


posted on 7-9-2019 at 04:29 AM

Originally posted by Cherokee Jack
Then he unmasks and is smiling about it? Why is he smiling about that?!

I think Drew busted open his gums and maybe knocked out a tooth, so it was more "Look, I'm bleeding!" combined with "Roman is my friend now".

I'd like to think it meant something. I don't think he's unreachable, he's less central to the 24/7 stuff than a lot of the others in that crowd (I also don't really agree that that's hurting anybody - people like those segments, even if a lot of the smarks don't).

But I do suspect it more likely ends up with him being murderdeathkilled by Drew next week to get back Drew's heat after Taker plants him on Sunday.


posted on 7-9-2019 at 04:24 AM

This is late night spit-ballin' (not my best, well thought out, guess), but I gather that the plan is to spin off Taker vs. Drew into its own thing for SummerSlam, which would leave Roman in a weird thing vs. Shane & Goons.

Cedric helps even that score a bit.

Roman now has Cedric and Usos (and maybe still Miz). Shane has Elias and Revival (and a litany of heels sucking up to the boss).

I could make some pretty tasty lemonade out of that. Shane maybe needs one more hired goon to make it work (Sheamus is said to be ready to return), but no reason Cedric can't stick around in a longer story arc.

It's kind of crazy, but Roman/Usos is a great 3-man squad. Ricochet/Street Profits would be another. AJ/Good Brothers. Shane/Elias/Revival. I hate to show my age, but I am salivating at how much this reminds me of how much this could be a major major upgrade of the Great Factional Warfare of the Late 90s.

You know, when we all somehow agreed that Los Bouricuas and the Disciple of Apocalypse didn't suck..... even though 67% of them did. (Also, there was the Hart Foundation, DX, nWo, Nation of Domination, and more who didn't suck.)


posted on 7-9-2019 at 04:08 AM

Its been less than two months, and i’m already tiring of the loom and doom “hype” of how Lesnar “may cash in at the PPV”.


And the crowd reaction to Cedric? That was a nice bowl of “who gives a shit?”. He has the 24/7 Title job squad stench on him now. That’s nearly impossible to scrub out.

Cherokee Jack

posted on 7-9-2019 at 03:49 AM

Does this Cedric thing actually go anywhere though? What would the next step be? In kayfabe, he showed he could surprise Drew and Shane with a flurry of offense when they think he’s some old handicapped schlub, and once they realized he was actually a capable wrestler he got killed by one move and pinned. Then he unmasks and is smiling about it? Why is he smiling about that?!

In Paul We Trust I guess and we’ll see if they follow up on it, but just seeing what we saw tonight after weeks of him being part of the 24/7 jobber crew doesn’t scream push to me.


posted on 7-9-2019 at 03:25 AM

Welp, my OOfficial Prediction was wrong, but we kind of got to the same place.... I think we're all adults here, and we all knew this had to be a 3-way; I just threw out my best idea for how to get there.

My way allows for the ambiguity of Bayley INSISTING that she is Nikki's true friend by putting her into the match, while still letting the Alexa/Nikki thing simmer for a bit longer before implosion. Now, with Alexa and Nikki teaming up for a handicap match, the options are limited: it's pretty much implosion assured.

Unless you want RAW's Alexa Bliss holding SD's Women's Title. Which I don't. And I say this as a pretty huge Alexa Bliss fan. BOUNDARIES, dammit!

When I saw how short "Gary" became upon his ring entrance, I instantly declared "Cedric Alexander." Sometimes, it's good to actually have somebody new in charge who can randomly choose new guys to push. And instead of Baron Corbin and Jinder Mahal, they are Ricochet and Cedric.

Digging everything about that mid-show Club vs. Ricochet interlude. Ricochet needs friends. Is it too soon to just assume the Street Profits have his back?

Just put Logan with the Viking Radiators, already. She's had the face paint for ages, now she's got the logo on her trunks. And Ruby Riott is out with serious injury, so why is Logan still using her music?

I think it can be safely said that -- in the big picture -- this was a second week where the pacing was noticeably different (and better). It remains inconsistent, as last week WAAAAAYYYY overdid the melodrama of the sparklers-and-bottle-rockets non-event that was Braun/Lashley, and this week leaned heavily on some video reruns of last week (and then did extended "earlier tonight" segments, too)....

I don't *think* that was counter-programming the Home Run Derby (or if it was, it was done badly, and paired up RAW's Fast Forward Material with the HRD's Interstitials)... and it was a damned good HRD, too. Vlad Junior was robbed~!

Point is, RAW did have a couple of chasms where it invited you to flip away or do something else.... but when it had its foot on the gas? It was actually quite remarkable how much stuff seemed to be happening. Was it all great? Maybe not. But it was coming at you with velocity.

Not so much velocity that it was dumber and less-thought-out than CrashTV, but a really good pace.

OK, Mike/Maria is at least AS dumb as anything Russo ever did, and I don't care if it's Paul Heyman's idea. Dumb is dumb. This is not the droid I'm looking for.


posted on 7-9-2019 at 03:21 AM

Kind of the definition of a meh Raw. Nothing great, nothing egregious (beyond the cringe of the Mike & Maria stuff, and at least that was brief).

I love the Street Profits bit and still think those guys are golden.

As one of the few Riott Squad marks, I was very happy to see Sarah Logan. Put her with the Raiders already, please.

Cedric getting that spot in the main is good for him and 'Gary' got over very fast. Not so good: him eating the fall at the end. He should've played dead and rolled up Shane by surprise. But I guess they didn't want to job Shane/Drew out here before they job out on the PPV.

Il Palazzo

posted on 7-9-2019 at 02:32 AM

Well, that got us a match with all three after all! Just not quite that way. And I don't entirely know how this is supposed to do much, considering if the idea is Nikki wanting to help Alexa win the title, it seems as if it'll take extra effort to ramp up some tension between Alexa and Nikki. If they even plan on that. Or I guess Bayley maybe wins anyway, and THEN Alexa turns on Nikki for failing her. Or Nikki turns on Alexa for reasons. Or WWE picks the WWE way out and it's some unsatisfying option.

Edit: I'm kind of fine with their handling of the material, but shuffling Mike and Maria to RAM and then dropping them into this "story" is........ a thing that was most certainly done. Sure hope it's winning them back some of those coveted teenagers!

Edit II: I was thinking a random Lio Rush return, but that almost makes more sense. Although does this mean Alexander is moving into a thing, or is he back to chasing the 24/7 Title next week? I suppose he could be back on that tomorrow, really.

[Edited on 7-9-2019 by Il Palazzo]


posted on 7-9-2019 at 02:31 AM

Gallows and Anderson losing singles matches to a singles star getting a push is perfectly acceptable wrestling. More so than a champ losing a match to start a feud.

Folks on RAW who should not be losing a singles match right now are Seth, Ricochet, Becky, Corbin, AJ, or Lacey. On the same lines, the Revival and IIcOOnics should not be losing 2 on 2 tag matches. I honestly am not sure who are getting tag title shots at Extreme Rules (Usos and Kabuki Warriors?), but they shouldn’t be losing tag matches either.


posted on 7-9-2019 at 02:02 AM

I dunno how thrilled I am seeing Mr. O'Shea beat both Gallows & Anderson clean back-to-back.

Il Palazzo

posted on 7-9-2019 at 01:39 AM

I'd wonder if the Viking Raiders would be doing better if they hadn't been brought up with all of the pointless name changes, but more than likely we'd just be looking at Hanson and Rowe, the War Raiders, as they alternate between being unused, squashing jobbers, and turned into quasi-heels for whatever reason.

And I wanted to assume that match existed solely to allow for the 24/7 Stampede to come in at the end, but that didn't amount to much other than Truth sensibly retreating.

I'm also kind of interested in WWE remembering they still had Sarah Logan. Now if only they'd remember that Liv got sent off to SD and use her again.


posted on 7-9-2019 at 01:25 AM

Mike Kanellis be like...


posted on 7-9-2019 at 01:07 AM

OOfficial prediction for Beat the Clock: Bayley wins, and her choice of stipulation is to add Nikki to Sunday's title match against Alexa. DRAMA!!!

Il Palazzo

posted on 7-9-2019 at 01:06 AM

An effective use of Rey's return!

On the plus side, I look forward to the remainder of tonight's 24/7 Adventures.


posted on 7-9-2019 at 12:35 AM

Paul E is still very good at reminding people when the event is, what it is called, and why you might want to watch it.

Also, Andrade is better than the “guy who wrestles well but we don’t push” level he’s been stuck on since his call up. It’s a waste of both he and Vega’s talents.

Il Palazzo

posted on 7-9-2019 at 12:31 AM

Oh boy! Lesnar's gonna be at Extreme Rules! Unless he isn't. UNLESS HE IS. Unless he isn't. UNLESS....

Also, I'd think that Strowman "flipping" one or more vehicles on previous RAM's would be a bit more SHOCKING than two guys going through a thing with a bit of additional pyro layered on top. Or that time Austin pulled a "gun" on Vince. Or that time Hawk "fell" off the Titantron. Or...... well, a lot of things.

Edit: This tag match cannot be "high voltage" as it features neither Kenny Kaos NOR Robbie Rage. HARRUMPH.

Also, TWO OUT OF THREE FALLS???? What fuckery is this? That should be reserved for PPVs and stuff! THE INSANITY!

[Edited on 7-9-2019 by Il Palazzo]


posted on 7-9-2019 at 12:21 AM

Actual Inter-jander tag matches are back. Sweet!


posted on 7-8-2019 at 10:54 PM

Tonight on RAW: we find out just how much of last week's slightly different-y RAW persists... word on the street is that Vince is willing to explore the upper limits of "PG" (as opposed to 2007-2010, when Linda ran for Senate twice, and WWE's version "PG" was actually more like a "G"), as evidenced by Network-approved S-bombs and middle fingers last week... with Paul Heyman slowly taking control of RAW, and with a PPV in 6 days that's called "Extreme Rules" -- taking place in Philadelphia, no less -- it seems a good bet that the trend won't come to an abrupt end....

As OO has helpfully pointed out -- to the extent that it's beating a dead horse -- Extreme Rules makes the second PPV in a row where brand loyalty matters not... the as-announced card features exactly one RAW-only match, and one SD-only match....

And tonight, even the RAW-only match will have a heavy SD flavor...

That's because one of tonight's two anchor matches will pit WWEU Champ Seth Rollins and RAW Women's Champ Becky Lynch against SD's Andrade [redacted] [redacted] and Zelina Vega.... Seth and Becky face the Ambiguously Relevant Duo of Boring Carbon and Lacey Evans on Sunday, with a unique stip that which ever team wins gets BOTH titles (and with no DQ, it sets up a lot of wacky possibilities)... Corbin and Evans have no real claim to credibility with fans, but the craziness of it all maybe that's a thing? Along the way, we get to see Seth and Andrade in a preview of what could well be a staple rivalry down the line...

Arguably the Extreme Rules main event, the Undertaker is returning to action to team with SD's Roman Reigns, to face Shane McMahon and RAW's Drew McIntyre... no indications that Taker is scheduled to appear tonight, but Reigns is confirmed as the 3rd SD Wild Card, as he will team with a partner of Shane's choosing, to face Shane and Drew... do not expect a display of dramatic grapplingsmanship, expect an angle in which the heels initially dominate Reigns, and maybe somebody saves him, and maybe not.... and it may not be Taker, as Miz is still very much involved with Shane and his Goons (although WWE may opt to play along with MLB and pretend Miz is not there tonight; he was in the All-Star Celebrity Softball Game, which was taped last night, but airs tonight)... we'll see...

[Alternately, RAW Tag Champs the Revival are also part of Shane's Goon Squad, and their obvious #1 Contenders are the Usos.... although there hasn't yet been a definitive move towards making that match, the Revival could easily be roped into tonight's beatdown of Roman, with the Usos making the save, because Bloodline....]

Another crossover has RAW's Samoa Joe challenging SD's WWE Champ, Kofi Kingston on Sunday.... Kofi and the New Day do not appear to be booked on RAW tonight (if they did, it'd be WILD CARD OVERLOAD~!), but look for Joe to go on some kind of rampage targeting someone (anyone) who is friends with Kofi... Kofi had a chance last week for Joe to grant a "cease fire" against civilians (and save his aggression for Kofi), but Kofi did not accept.... I dread a "via satellite" segment in which Joe terrorizes Kofi's family at home, for some reason....

Wait, what's this? Another crossover? Yep, last one (for now).... RAW's Alexa Bliss is challenging SD's Women's Champ Bayley at Extreme Rules... Alexa's relationship with Nikki Cross adds another element of intrigue, but this one seems like it almost requires Bayley to be another Wild Card tonight...

All that said, RAW is on the cusp of adding a pretty spectacular brand-exclusive match to Sunday's PPV.... a friendly rivalry between US Champ Ricochet and AJ Styles turned hostile last week, as Ricochet defeated Styles in the RAW main event, successfully defending his title (Styles had beaten Ricochet in a non-title match the week before)... that's when Gallows & Anderson -- who seemingly had prickly heat with AJ -- came to his aid and the reunited Club put a beatdown on Ricochet... a rubber match, for the US Title, in Philly, between Rick O'Shea and AJ Styles can haz all my moneys.... [the possibilities for the now heel The Club are endless, too]

R-Truth has not yet (as far as we know) ruined Drake Maverick's honeymoon, in an attempt to regain his 120/80 X Division Title... but I suspect hijinx will be back in full effect tonight....

Lastly, we're almost certain to be subjected to much hype and ham-fisted melodrama in the form of replays of Braun/Lashley's semi-violence (complete with suburban-driveway-rated gas station pyrotechnics!).... it'd probably be better if they just had both guys show up and no-sell the "injured spleen" and what not, but by the same token, if they do that, then it's probably a lock that they have to have another match on Sunday, and I think we have enough good stuff on the docket for Extreme Rules that I'll just take a night of video packages tonight, thank you very much, and we'll pick up with these two again next week...

Oh.... and Bray Wyatt, maybe? [Or will he be revealed as Aleister Black's PPV opponent tomorrow night?]

That is all. End communication....

The flOOr is yours, OO Nation. Don't wait till after 11pm to post, either. Pre-show previewing and prognosticating is certainly welcome. So discuss, debate, and rate!

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