UD Flyers: 2020 NCAA Champions of the Imagination!
Welcome to your (weekly-ish?) OO Forums update... I wish I had concrete news to share, but unlike some, I also prefer not to get your hopes up with outlandish claims of impending glory and other delusions of granduer. Ahem, to wit:
Almost Certainly Lying

I really don't see what WWE intends to accomplish by having Randall Orton (of all people) issuing challenges for "the best pure wrestling match ever" under empty arena conditions where almost no one is having great matches (so far, Rollins and Owens have come the closest). Unless it's all a double reverse swerve in which Orton kicks Edge in the balls after 45 seconds to remind us that he's never given much of a damn about having great wrestling matches, thus setting up their rubber match, I'm kind of stumped.... but I digress.
Point is, work continues on the Forums as time allows and within the limited framework of my technical abilities and slightly greater capacity for trying to figure shit out on my own. The latest wrinkle is that I finally managed to fully restore another message board I host for my circle of friends on the same server (none of us much care for the social media), and it's also the exact same software, so.... yeah, it's possible, apparently. We've known for a long time that certain mass deletions and bannings and other capricious moderating probably broke some of the underlying code of the OO Forums, so maybe that's what's finally coming back to bite us on the ass.
Anyway, I'll once again re-assure you that no data was lost, right up to the point the whole site blinked out of existence for a server migration. It's nice to have basic HTML functionality back so I can post updates (if not actually post wrestling-related thoughts, although I guess I could), and I encourge you to keep visiting here for better/more timely information than will get posted on the tweeter.
Now back to your regularly scheduled ratings-induced Vince Freak-Out that weakens the Brand Split. Previously known as the "Superstar Shake-Up" or the "Wildcard Rule" or many other names, we are now in the midst of the "Brand Invitational," because 5 hours of TV with no fans every week is really not setting the world ablaze. Hell, for those of you without the WWE Network, a case could be made that Tuesday nights on FS1 -- showing reruns of the best Network documentaries -- is the most entertaining night of the week to be a wrestling fan.
But again, I digress. Smell ya later.